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Biosphera develops websites, animations and software using the best computer graphics, making access to scientific and technical content easy and enjoyable.

Main applications:
- Teaching of biology and medicine
- Advertising material
- Guidelines for patients
- Presentation at conferences and fairs
- Sales tool for manufacturers

s p o t l i g h t
3D hose equine Anatomy for veterinary Equine Anatomy 3D software
Visualize all systems of a horse in 3D, their nomenclature, shapes and placement.

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dog anatomy 3d

Canine 3D Anatomy Software
a virtual dog to know the anatomy of the systems at different angles and degrees of approximation.

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3D Cat Anatomy Software
Visualize all the systems of a Felis catus domesticus in 3D, nomenclature, structures and placement.

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L a s t e s t s W o r k s

our clients:
Laboratório salomao e zoppi Logo Bayer Schering Pharma Logo Hospital Albert Einstein
USP - Universidade de são paulo
UFSCAR - universidade federal de são carlos
SIN - sistema nacional de implantes
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